Athletics Ministry

Today's student-athletes face unique challenges. A lot is asked of them. In addition to high expectations of commitment and performance from their coaches they have to balance an equal commitment to academics, important relationships, and in some cases, part-time jobs. Yet student-athletes are also like every other student - they are seeking significance and purpose in life. With all these competing demands, it's easy for them to lose sight of the bigger picture. Navigator staff are present among many varsity teams helping student-athletes wrestle with important questions like the following:

  • In the core of my being who am I? 
  • Am I more than an athlete?
  • Where am I headed in life?
  • Where can I find meaning and purpose?
  • Is there a greater story for my life, beyond athletics?
  • What role does spirituality play in all of this?

We have developed partnerships with many varsity teams to assist coaches and athletes with the challenges they experience. Our Varsity Athletics Ministries at Saint Mary's exists to care for and support athletes and their teams. In particular, we offer the following:

  • Mentoring and support for athletes and coaches
  • Informal team chapels
  • Community and International Volunteer Opportunities

Running and Reading

Running and Reading

The Navigators are involved in Start2Finish's Running & Reading Clubs – an after-school program that pairs adults with economically challenged children to address the need for enhanced literacy and physical activity. Clubs operate within local inner city schools, and run two hours per week during the school year. They help children improve their physical, mental, emotional and social health and develop a love of reading. It is an amazing, innovative, and scientifically supported program.

Each year we recruit volunteers for Start2Finish. Dozens of people have volunteered over the years and found it a deeply rewarding and significant experience.

"Start2Finish gives volunteers the opportunity to directly help kids who need it more than we know, and in return they give us endless laughs and some lessons to take home ourselves."

- Michaela M.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Kevin Jolly

IAPI AM POTENTIAL IS AN AFTER SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAM WITH A UNIQUE APPROACH FOR INNER CITY YOUTH. I am Potential connects inner city junior high youth with university student volunteers each week on campus for recreation, a meal, and fun hands-on learning projects in engineering, theatre, and medicine. This project grew out of the conviction that a bright future is possible for kids in our city, including those from lower income neighbourhoods, if they can get a post-secondary education and have positive adult role models involved in their lives. Because of our work youth from lower income neighbourhoods are being introduced to the dream of post-secondary education.
I Am Potential


Navigator International Community (NIC)

We are seeing more and more ethnic diversity in our universities, which we think is incredible. Sadly, we hear from international students that they have a difficult time making Canadian friends. We want to change this. We strive to make international students feel at home. We provide an environment where they can meet other Canadians, experience Canadian culture and grow more comfortable speaking English.

While we are Christians, our services and friendships are offered unconditionally to all international students. For students who are already Christians and those interested in learning more about the Christian faith we offer investigative Bible Studies to gain a greater understanding of Jesus and his message.

Join us to experience Canadian culture for holidays, retreats and more!
"It was at the first NIC event that I began to feel at home, and to experience the warmth, grace and generosity of Jesus in my life."

- Mayu (Japanese Student)



One of the things we do well is mentor people looking for clarity and guidance on varying issues they face - issues that almost always involve relationships. What surprises people is that the issue they often come seeking input on leads to fascinating discussions about deeper things that they were unaware were at play, such as fears, the way culture shapes us, untested assumptions about life and God. Within several meetings with a mentor, lights also start to go on in other areas of life. The feedback we get makes it clear that our mentoring is excellent and provides an incredible experience. While we are Christians our mentoring is offered unconditionally to all.

"Meeting regularly with a member of Navigators during medical school led me to connect with God and myself. The insights he helped me to reach proved invaluable as I chose a career and met my future wife. Navigators has literally shaped my life."

- Tom M., MD

V2 Selfie

Venture 2

Venture 2 began in 2006 with a desire to help communities in Uganda break the cycle of poverty. We promote transformational development within international communities while helping Canadian volunteers better understand world poverty. Our mission is to transform individuals, families, and communities out of poverty and into lasting well-being.

This can take the form of helping moms support one another socially and economically by organizing them into a handicraft cooperative or providing access to capital for entrepreneurs through micro-credit. Programs such as these enable families to afford school fees and other necessities for their children. But Venture 2 understands that poverty is complex and is addressing the core issues of isolation, vulnerability, powerlessness, and spiritual poverty.

We desire to create an environment where everyone grows, and where transformation can occur among all our partners and volunteers regardless of origin or wealth.