Athletics Ministry

Today's student-athletes face unique challenges. A lot is asked of them. In addition to high expectations of commitment and performance from their coaches they have to balance an equal commitment to academics, important relationships, and in some cases, part-time jobs. Yet student-athletes are also like every other student - they are seeking significance and purpose in life. With all these competing demands, it's easy for them to lose sight of the bigger picture. Navigator staff are present among many varsity teams helping student-athletes wrestle with important questions like the following:

  • In the core of my being who am I? 
  • Am I more than an athlete?
  • Where am I headed in life?
  • Where can I find meaning and purpose?
  • Is there a greater story for my life, beyond athletics?
  • What role does spirituality play in all of this?

We have developed partnerships with many varsity teams to assist coaches and athletes with the challenges they experience. Our Varsity Athletics Ministries at Saint Mary's exists to care for and support athletes and their teams. In particular, we offer the following:

  • Mentoring and support for athletes and coaches
  • Informal team chapels
  • Community and International Volunteer Opportunities