Running and Reading

Running and Reading

The Navigators are involved in Start2Finish's Running & Reading Clubs – an after-school program that pairs adults with economically challenged children to address the need for enhanced literacy and physical activity. Clubs operate within local inner city schools, and run two hours per week during the school year. They help children improve their physical, mental, emotional and social health and develop a love of reading. It is an amazing, innovative, and scientifically supported program.

Each year we recruit volunteers for Start2Finish. Dozens of people have volunteered over the years and found it a deeply rewarding and significant experience.

"Start2Finish gives volunteers the opportunity to directly help kids who need it more than we know, and in return they give us endless laughs and some lessons to take home ourselves."

- Michaela M.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Kevin Jolly

IAPI AM POTENTIAL IS AN AFTER SCHOOL MENTORING PROGRAM WITH A UNIQUE APPROACH FOR INNER CITY YOUTH. I am Potential connects inner city junior high youth with university student volunteers each week on campus for recreation, a meal, and fun hands-on learning projects in engineering, theatre, and medicine. This project grew out of the conviction that a bright future is possible for kids in our city, including those from lower income neighbourhoods, if they can get a post-secondary education and have positive adult role models involved in their lives. Because of our work youth from lower income neighbourhoods are being introduced to the dream of post-secondary education.
I Am Potential