Who We Are

Ron Abarbonel

Ron Abarbanel - City Leader

Areas of Direct Involvement: Strategic Planning, Venture 2, Sports Chaplain, Mentoring

Ron has been working with the Navigators since 1992 and loves mentoring people. He has been instrumental in starting our Venture 2 development work and facilitating volunteer involvement.

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Kevin Jolly

Kevin Jolly - City Leader

Areas of Direct Involvement: HR, Running and Reading, I Am Potential, Mentoring

Kevin has been working with the Navigators since 1998 and holds a Graduate level Diploma in Christian Studies from Acadia Divinity College. Kevin is a fun-loving, gentle but competitive guy with a passion to help people get in touch with God who normally wouldn't go to church. He and his wife Carolyn have four children (aged 7-16). Some consider him the hardest playing Navigator in the Western hemisphere.

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Marsha Abarbanel - Communications and Administration

Areas of Direct Involvement: Communications, Venture 2

Marsha has been working with the Navigators since 1989 and specializes in written communications. Besides keeping our team well organized she enjoys research and development for international projects.

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Phil Anderson

Phil and Geniève Anderson - Chaplain

Areas of Direct Involvement: Sports Chaplaincy, International Student Ministry, Mentoring

Phil and Geniève Anderson have been working with the Navigators in the Maritimes since 2007. Now in Halifax, they focus at Saint Mary's University bringing care and community to students and athletes while Phil is pursuing a Masters in Counseling.

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